How to create 360° view of an object

Place the object on a completely white background. Make sure when you take a photo the object is fully on the background and nothing else is in a shot.

Zoom in on the object as shown in the photo. Make sure you have enough space on the background to completely rotate the object.

Make sure to turn off the flash and set the camera to auto mode.

Now you are ready to take pictures. Make sure that each shot is taken from the same angle. Using a tripod makes things easier.

Turn the object approximately 15° in one direction after each picture you take. After rotating the object 360°, you should have taken 20 to 30 pictures. The more pictures you take, the smoother the rotation.

How to create 360° view of a car

Find a place where you have enough space to walk around your car with a distance of 1 to 3 meters.

Park your car in the middle of this space.

As shown, choose the proper distance so that whole car can be seen in the photo.

Mark the point from which you take the first photo. This is going to be the starting and ending point.

Mark the point from which you take the first photo. This is going to be the start and the finish point.

Go around the car and take 30 to 40 pictures, approximately one every 10 degrees. Make sure each is photo is taken from the same distance to the car.

After going around the car in a full circle, you should end up at the point where you started.

Now that you have taken all the pictures you need for a 360° view, you can start taking any additional pictures. After creating the initial photo of the car, you will have space for 10 additional pictures. Take pictures of the car interior, engine, odometer and any other features such as dents, scratches, etc.