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Shoot the Pictures in 10 Steps
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Find a well lighted work area.
The background of the picture should be completely white. To assure that, you should wither use a white surface or enough white papers to cover the area where you put the object onto.
Awall or any upright surface might help you want to take a picture of bigger object.
Zoom the object like shown in the picture. There should be enough space to every side of the object so that you do not have to change the angle or the zoom of the camera when you turn the object.
Turn off the flash and set the camera to Auto-Mode.
You are now ready to take picture.
When you take the picture make sure that every picture is taken from the same angle (using a tripod makes this easier).
Turn the object approximately 15° in one direction after every picture you take. After you turned the object 360° you should have taken 20 to 30 pictures. The rotation will look smoother the more picture you take.
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