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What is is a new technology that allows our customers to enhance their profits by providing high quality 360-view pictures on their web sites.

What are the benefits of using 3DBin?

  • Increases your Sales

3DBin helps you increase your sales with its convenient, interactive, professional-looking and user-friendly description of your product.

  • Saves you Money

360 views reduce the amount of photos needed on vendor sites (e.g. E-Bay) and with 3DBin you only pay a subscription fee unlike other services that charge you for the creation of each 360 view.

  • Attracts long-term customers

The advantage of using 360 views in your catalog is that buyers will not want to go anywhere else "It looks good and I can see the whole product so why waste time to going somewhere else?". Along with the extra features that 3DBin offers such as detailed text description, hot points and more with each 360 view.

How 3DBin and its technology works?

Within a few minutes 3DBin online service gives you 360-view object.


To Begin, you just have to take several pictures around an object you want to make the 360 view image of with any kind of camera and upload the photos to our web site.


Then 3DBin automatically processes your snapshots. Through technology developed by us, it is now possible to automatically determine the form and parameters of objects from snapshots.


The processed snapshots are aligned together and converted into a flash file so the viewer can see the object from all sides.


Also, with the features of 3DBin it is very easy to make interactive 360 views online.

Here are two examples of different 360-views: First is snapshots not processed but only set in a row together; and Second is a 360 view of the same snapshots but using 3DBin.